Consultation and Planning

A Comprehensive Approach

Weather your clinic needs a boost, or you consider opening a new one, we can help by giving you some essential information, support and our successful business model.

We help clinic owners and therapists understand the importance of having variety of therapeutic options, thus offering a 360 degrees approach to the patient.

Our ideas and logistics are simple to understand and implement, and you will be able to quickly benefit from this patient-centred and evidence-based approach.

Your investments will return timely and you will enjoy well-structured and smooth operations.

The business model we promote is flexible and can be accommodated to the needs of your clinic: size, therapists at hand and investment affordability.

We are also happy to offer several packages depending on your personal needs:

  1. Logistics and training over phone or Skype charged at @250 per hour

  2. One day on-site review and training charged at $1300 flat rate based on 6-hour work day

  3. One week ( Monday to Friday) on-site full hands-on training with real time assessments and therapy provided by your trainer: $6000 based on 6-hour work days.