About Me

Rosen graduated in 1994 from the world-renowned NSA University in Sofia, Bulgaria with M.Sc. in Physiotherapy.

He took a position at the local Hospital where he provided direct patient care, clinical supervision, assessments and diagnostics as well as clinical practice hours for students from the local Medical College.

In 2001 Rosen moved to Canada to continue his professional development and to grow in the Physiotherapy field.

He quickly established himself as a knowledgeable therapist and started helping new grads with their Supervised Practice to become Independent licensed providers. Soon Rosen became clinic director in one of the well-respected Physiotherapy clinics in Ontario. Not too long after he went on to develop his own business along with his wife Hristina, who is also a Registered Physiotherapist in Ontario.

Lately Rosen has been involved in educational work along with Ortho-Canada and BTL, a technology company from Europe specializing in medical equipment. Through numerous workshops throughout Canada Rosen came to understand that many clinicians and clinic owners struggle their way to understand the decision-making process for selection and application of various therapeutic modalities.

Rosen is now offering consultations revealing his own successful business model which shows a 360 degrees approach to acute and chronic problems incorporating all possible means of Physiotherapeutic interventions with one goal: patient-centered, highly efficient way for optimal outcomes.

Last but not least Rosen will talk about a well-structured fee schedule which is not only affordable and easy to understand from patient’s point of view but also profitable and easy to implement from the clinics and therapists.